Tribal governments and court systems in Arizona and elsewhere are at the same time diversifying and growing rapidly.

Tribal governments and court systems in Arizona and elsewhere are growing rapidly. Tribal economies are diversifying, providing opportunities for commercial and residential development. As a result, commercial and governmental entities increasingly will find themselves interacting with tribal agencies and government officials, tribal corporations and commercial entities, and individual tribal members and landowners.

The relationships between Indian tribes and non-Indian entities are subject to a wide variety of tribal legal systems as well as a complex system of federal statutes, regulations, and court decisions. Salmon, Lewis & Weldon lawyers have extensive experience representing governmental and private entities in negotiations and litigation with tribes and tribal entities. Our practice includes work in the following areas:

Water Rights

We possess a thorough working knowledge of federal and tribal reserved water rights, with decades of combined experience litigating and negotiating tribal water right claims.

Rights-of-Way and Easements

Our attorneys understand federal laws and regulations governing rights-of-way and easements on tribal land, with a firm grasp of recent case law and regulatory changes in this area. We have negotiated agreements with tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and understand the unique concerns tribes have in regard to property rights on the reservation.

Environmental Law

Our attorneys have been heavily involved in tribal regulation and permitting of major power plants and other facilities on tribal lands, helping clients to negotiate agreements involving tribal agencies, federal and state agencies, other stakeholders, and citizens’ groups.

Trust Lands

Off-reservation acquisitions of land by tribes are becoming more common and will have significant impacts on local communities and governments for years to come. Our attorneys have been actively involved in the regulatory process governing trust acquisitions and have represented clients in numerous challenges to the acquisition of off-reservation lands.

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